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Charles Marcon

Charles MarconCharles Marcon is a graduate of Liberty High School, class of 1961 where he was a student council officer and a graduation speaker. Mr. Marcon is an inductee of Liberty High School’s Hall of Fame and of the Lehigh Valley Basketball Hall of Fame. He graduated from Davidson College in 1965 and served as an officer in the U.S. Army from July 1965 through July 1967. The following month he joined the family business, Duggan & Marcon, Inc. and became the President and CEO in 1983 and continues to be their CEO today. Charles Marcon is currently a trustee of the Harry C. Trexler Trust, serves on the Board of Directors for the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation, and also chair of the Board of Directors for the National Museum of Industrial History. Mr. Marcon also served as past President for the Lehigh Valley Partnership (an organization of the CEOs of the largest employers in the Lehigh Valley) and as past President of the Board of Directors for the Allentown Symphony Association. Charles was also the recipient of the Foundation’s Vision in Philanthropy Award through the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation.

Over the years he has become aware of the racial and social inequities pervasive in our society, and has begun to try to do something about it. He recently created the Marcon Institute at Lehigh University. The Institute will study racial and social justice issues in the community and recommend ways to mitigate the problems.

Charles is very disappointed that a large part of our society not only accepts inequity, but actively pursues ways of perpetuating it. He believes these actions are wrong and wants to work to make people aware of the harm done by deep-seated disparities and encourage people to work for change.

Mr. Marcon shares his love with 12 beautiful grandchildren, three currently attend Calypso Elementary and a 4th will enroll at Calypso when she is school age.