Mission Statement

  • Mission Statement

    Success in school requires the enhancement and promotion of optimal health and well-being. Led by a team of certified school nurses, the Health Service Department of the Bethlehem Area School District challenges students, family and community to prevent disease, promote and protect health and minimize the complications of health problems. Our mission is to directly enhance the educational achievement for each student by advocating and promoting health and wellness.

Hot Topics In The News

  • Vaping

    As a nation, we are facing an epidemic with young people and vaping. Each day, a new headline has the words “young person” “teen” and “vaping” that create a catching headline for individuals. It is imperative that we are educated on this topic and provide education on this risky behavior to our students to ensure they are safe and healthy to perform in the classroom.

    In 2019, Surgeon General Jerome  Adams declared vaping among young people as an epidemic. “We must take action now to protect the health of our nation’s young people.” - Surgeon General Jerome Adams

    This toolkit is designed to provide tools and resources for school staff, including administrators, educators, teachers and nurses. The toolkit outlines educational information that can be used along with other resources to help educate youth and reduce youth e-cigarette use.

    Vaping Toolkit