COVID-19 Case Dashboard

  • Cases on the dashboard list the date of the person's last day in school/work and remain on the dashboard for 14 days. When two or more cases are referenced in a letter, each case is posted separately. If a positive person has been absent from school for more than 14 days, the case is not listed on the dashboard.

    The PA Department of Education (PDE) requires that we trackwhether or not a person was in school during their "infectious" period which begins two days prior to the onset of symptoms.​ These c​ases ​are ​marked with an asterisk​ on the dashboard. ​Schools may be required by the Pennsylvania Department of Health to move temporarily to remote learning when an elementary school has 4 such cases, middle school 6, and high school 10. 
  • Cases listed on this Dashboard include students and staff.

    **A probable case is defined as a person with known exposure to a positive case, is exhibiting symptoms, but has not been tested. A probable case is treated the same as a positive test case with regard to isolation and contact tracing.

    When a case is identified in a school:

    • A letter is sent to all staff and parents/guardians in that school.
    • A copy of the letter can be found by clicking on the school listed above.
    • Additionally, BASD Health Services and the Health Bureau will complete contact tracing and be in contact with anyone who may need to quarantine. 

    The Dashboard will be updated upon confirmation of a case.