Emergency Plan for Alternate Bus Routes in Prolonged Severe Weather

  • In the event of prolonged severe weather conditions, it may be necessary to enact the Emergency Plan for Alternate Bus Routes. Kindergarten through twelfth grade students who are eligible for busing will be transported from intersections along designated emergency snow routes. Municipalities affected by the alternate bus route schedules will be announced individually. Please consult the street listing to determine where your child will be picked up. These pick-ups will occur at approximately the same time as the regular bus schedule. Buses will pick up students at intersections along the street listed. Ensure your child’s safety by surveying the neighborhood to make sure there is a safe path between your home and the pick up location. Be sure to review this path with all younger children. As usual, the Bethlehem Area School District will continue to use ParentLink, radio and television to announce late starts, cancellations, and other modifications to the school calendar.

    City of Bethlehem
    Abington Road at Clearview School
    Barnesdale Road
    Broad Street
    Brodhead Avenue
    Butztown Road
    Catasauqua Road
    Center Street
    Chester Road
    Church Street
    Dewberry Avenue
    East Boulevard
    Easton Avenue
    Elizabeth Avenue
    Friedensville Road
    Fourth Street
    Hellertown Road
    Johnston Drive
    Eaton Avenue
    Linden Street
    Livingston Street
    Macada Road
    Main Street
    Marvine Street
    New Street
    Pembroke Road
    Pennsylvania Avenue
    Stefko Boulevard
    Schoenersville Road
    Union Boulevard
    Washington Avenue
    West Lehigh Street
    West Market between 16th Avenue and Broad Street

    Bethlehem Township
    Bethman Road
    Brodhead Road
    Carter Road
    Chipman Road
    Church Road
    Country Club Road
    Farmersville Road All Extensions
    Freemansburg Highway
    Hecktown Road
    Linden Street
    Nazareth Pike
    Oakland Road
    Ohio Street
    Santee Road
    Sheridan Drive
    William Penn Highway
    Willow Park Road

    Fountain Hill
    Delaware Avenue
    Cambria and Monroe Street
    Main Street at Washington Street

    Hanover Township
    Airport Road
    Bridle Path Road
    Crawford Drive
    Hanoverville Road
    Jacksonsville Road
    Route 512/Center Street
    Schoenersville Road
    Stokes Park Road
    West Macada Road