Bus Rules

  • From “Policies & Procedures Draft 2019-2020”

    Bus Conduct and Safety Code                              

    Bus transportation is a privilege and not a right.  The Bethlehem Area School District expects all student riders to conduct themselves on the bus in the same manner as in the classroom.  Additionally, all bus riders shall:

    1. Utilize the assigned pick up and drop off stop.
    2. Report to the designated bus stop at least 10 minutes early. Please remember bus pick-up and drop-off times are approximate.
    3. Remain off the road always and behave in a safe manner while waiting for the bus. Parents and/or guardians are responsible for the behavior and safety of their students at the bus stop until they enter the bus and after they depart the bus.
    4. Wait until the bus has come to a complete stop before attempting to enter or exit the bus. Be aware the 10-foot area immediately around the bus is a danger zone where the driver may not be able to see you. Please stay at least 10 feet away from the bus at all times. 
    5. Cross in front of the bus and always look left-right-left before crossing the street.
    6. Board the bus and sit down as quickly as possible. Remain seated at all times until you reach your destination and the bus comes to a complete stop. Standing, sitting in the aisle or stepwell, blocking emergency exits, walking or changing seats will not be permitted.
    7. Assist in keeping the bus safe and sanitary at all times.
    8. Practice courtesy to fellow students and assist the bus driver whenever possible, particularly with small children.
    9. Never stick hands, arms, or any other part of the body out of windows or doors.
    10. Never eat or drink on the bus due to sanitary and safety concerns. Hundreds of students with life threatening food allergies ride our buses daily.
    11. Never tamper with the bus or any of its equipment.
    12. Be careful not to leave items such as lunches, clothing, books, etc. on the bus.
    13. Keep noise in the bus to a minimum. Loud talking or creating any disturbances are unsafe distractions for the bus driver. Use of obscene language is not permitted.
    14. Remain quiet when the bus is approaching railroad crossings and until bus has passed the railroad crossing.
    15. Refrain from roughhousing or throwing objects in or from the bus.
    16. Obey the bus driver at all times. Students who risk the safety of others by their misbehavior may lose the privilege of riding the bus.  When violations of the bus conduct and safety code are observed, the bus driver may complete bus conduct reports and forward audio and video from on-board bus cameras for use in disciplinary action handled by building administrators.  In the event of serious violations, BASD reserves the right to contact local authorities.
    17. Behave on the bus in the same manner as in the classroom. Chewing gum/tobacco, smoking or vaping on the bus are not permitted.
    18. Follow all bus driver instructions in case of an emergency and remain in the bus unless otherwise instructed by an individual in authority.
    19. Never bring on the bus any item which may be disruptive or interfere with the safety of students. These include, but are not limited to glass containers, weapons, live animals, aerosol cans, food for class parties, skateboards or large items that do not fit on a student’s lap.
    20. Secure in a backpack or sports bag any soccer balls, basketballs, baseballs, softballs or any other type of sports equipment.
    21. All items that a student will be bringing to school should be packed in a carrying case, such as a tote bag or backpack, which must be small enough to be held on the students’ lap. Personal possessions may not block the aisle, emergency exits or be higher than the seat back. 
    22. State law prohibits transportation of musical instruments unless carried in a case on the knees of the student and must not impede the student space next to them.


    If a student violates any of the above rules and regulations and loses the bus privilege, the student or his or her parent/guardian will have to provide transportation to and from school at regularly scheduled times.  The law still requires attendance at school.