Bus Conduct

  • Student Behavior Policy

    Proper student discipline contributes to the overall safety and comfort of your students' ride to and from school. Following driver directions and all ridership rules is paramount to maintain a safe and enjoyable ride for all. Infractions will be dealt with through the district-approved student conduct policies which include driver interventions, the student's principal, and other administrators as deemed appropriate.


    Riding is a privilege, so parents and students should discuss and make sure they know the following:

    • Always comply with bus driver's/monitor's directions
    • Use classroom voice only (no profanity/loud noises/threats/intimidation)
    • Remain seated; keep hands, feet, and head inside bus
    • All personal possessions must be under control at all times
    • Keep unauthorized materials and substances off bus (animals, glass objects, weapons, illegal substances, or large objects that occupy a seat space)
    • No eating or drinking on the bus

    More information can be found here.

    Violations of these bus rules may result in the loss of bus privileges.


    Safety Precautions for Students

    • Know the route to and from the bus stop, safety precautions and common courtesies to be maintained en route and at the bus stop;
    • Know the correct bus route number;
    • Discuss what to do if the bus is late in the morning or no one is home in the afternoon;
    • ALWAYS board and depart the bus at the correct stop as known and approved by the parent.

    See Safety Tips for Students for more information.



    Board Policy 810.3 authorizes the use of video and audio recording on school buses and school vehicles.  School district administrators may review video and/or audio recordings from school buses for the purposes of determining whether disciplinary consequences are appropriate.  Video or audio capturing inappropriate behavior may be used at conferences with parents, guardians, students, employees and other individuals with a right to review the recordings, and used as evidence in disciplinary proceedings.