Nutrition Information

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    If you have questions regarding menus or nutrition, please contact our Registered Dietitian Lindsay Burke at or 610-861-8135, ext 37711.


  • Procedure to request a meal accommodation from the cafeteria at Bethlehem Area School District:

    To request a meal accommodation including but not limited to lactose free milk, gluten free meals, alternates for food allergies etc. a signed medical statement must be provided. The medical statement must include:

    • Information about the child's physical or mental impairment that is sufficient to allow the SFA to understand how it restricts the child’s diet,
    • An explanation of what must be done to accommodate the child’s disability, and
    • The food or foods to be omitted and recommended alternatives, in the case of a modified meal.

    The medical statement must include the signature of an individual who is authorized to write medical prescriptions under State law.

    Please provide a copy of the medical note to both Dining Services and your school nurse.

    For questions regarding menus or meal accommodations, please contact the dining services registered dietitian, Lindsay Burke at or 267-972-9846.