Medications In School

  • Medications will be given in school only in exceptional circumstances when the child's health may be jeopardized without it. A written statement from the prescribing doctor or dentist shall be required. This statement shall include the name of the medication, the dose, the time to be given and possible reaction if any. Please call your school nurse for the required form. Parent signature is also required.

    This procedure must be followed for prescription as well as over the counter medications.

    The medication must be brought to school in a bottle marked with:

    • Name of student
    • Name of physician
    • Name of medication
    • Time to be given
    • The dosage

    If this procedure is not followed the medication will not be given.

    In the event medication must be given during a field trip, please call your school nurse before the trip so that appropriate and safe arrangements can be made. Please note that health service staff do not accompany students on field trips.

    Please call your school nurse if you have any questions.