Welcome to Pupil Services

  • In support of the BASD mission and Roadmap to Educational Excellence, the Pupil Services Department is committed to remove barriers and to create opportunities for student success by providing programs that support the whole student academically, behavioral, socially, emotionally, and physically. Through various support and services, the department works collaboratively with all stakeholders to give ALL students what is needed to achieve success and to become productive citizens.

    The Pupil Services Department is comprised of school counselors, school psychologists, special education teachers, teachers of the mentally gifted, special education instructional assistants, speech and language teachers, certified school nurses, associate nurses, attendance officers, educational support teachers, ACCESS Program Assistant, Coordinators of Special Education, Supervisor of Health Services, Director of Special Education, and Director of Student Services & Minority Affairs. These highly experienced professionals provide a network of services within each school to ensure all students achieve the knowledge, skill, and experience to succeed and become responsible citizens in an ever-changing global society.


    Claire M. Hogan, Ed.S.
    Chief Pupil Services Officer

    Leigh Rusnak
    Director of Special Education 
    Brenda Solitario
    Coordinator of Special Education 

    Julie Matla
    Coordinator of Special Education
    Dan Burkholder
    Coordinator of Special Education
    Laura Moyer
    Educational Support Teacher
    Rachel Karba
    Educational Support Teacher 
    Kristin Amato
    Educational Support Teacher 
    Megan Stocker, Educational Support Teacher 
    Tracey Hirner
    Director of Student Services 
    Nik Tsamoutalidis
    Administrator for Student Supports & Wellness 
    Dr. Kim Zsitek-Brannan
    Supervisor of Health Services
    Todd Repsher
    Coordinator of Safety & Emergency Management