• Collection of Unpaid Meal Charges

    School Lunch Debt

    No student in the Bethlehem Area School District will be denied a reimbursable meal. Schools may only withhold meals from a student if they receive written direction from a Parent/Guardian. 

    If a student does not have money in their account, they will still be permitted to take a reimbursable meal by charging the meal on their account and creating a negative balance. Students may not charge food items beyond what constitutes a regular reimbursable meal. 

    Debt Collection

    Reasonable efforts shall be made by the district to collect delinquent debt from Parents/Guardians. Efforts taken for the collection of delinquent debt shall not have a negative impact on the student involved, but shall focus on the Parents/Guardians responsible for providing funds for meal purchases. 

    All debt accrued to a student meal account shall be considered delinquent debt. At the end of each school year delinquent debt shall carry forward to the following year until the debt is paid, the student graduates, or the student withdraws from the District. 

    Graduating senior/withdrawn students with balances of five dollars ($5) or more will be mailed their refund within thirty (30) days of the withdrawal/graduation date. Any remaining balances of five dollars ($5) or less, with no notification from the parent/guardian within thirty (30) days from the student's withdrawal/graduation, will be donated to the district’s negative balance fund.

    Unpaid Meal Charges Policy