Open Enrollment

  • Parents may request to send their child to an elementary school other than the one that serves their regular attendance area. Requests for open enrollment must be made using the link button "Open Enrollment Application” at the bottom of this page. You can access the application by following the link. Requests will not be accepted earlier than January 31 or later than July 1. Parents enrolling into the district after July 1 but prior to the end of the first quarter may request open enrollment for their child at the time of registration.

    Consideration for open enrollment requests will be determined by the following criteria:

    • Space availability in a particular school and grade after resident students are assigned
    • Siblings of students who are currently enrolled in the open enrollment school will be given priority consideration. There is no guarantee that all children from one family will be accepted for open enrollment based on the criteria above.
    • Requests for open enrollment assignments out of a building will not cause that building's student enrollment to fall below a limit established by the Board of School Directors.
    • Parents who elect to apply for open enrollment agree that their child will comply with all of the following conditions:The student will not exceed a total of six (6) unexcused tardies or unexcused early releases from school.
      • The student will not exceed 14 cumulative days of absence.
      • The student will not have two or more academic failures in one marking period.
      • The student will have no Code of Conduct infractions resulting in suspension.The student will not be picked up late at student dismissal more than three times.

    Failure to comply with these conditions of open enrollment may result in the child being returned to his/her resident school and will result in the child being denied the open enrollment privilege for the following year.

    • If approved for open enrollment, the open enrollment school will assume that the parents accept the assignment unless the parents notify the open enrollment school otherwise.

    Once a student has been accepted into a building under the open enrollment option, that student will be permitted to remain until the end of 5th grade unless revoked for cause stated above. The student will not be permitted to transfer to another building within the district at any time during that school year.

    Parents must assume full responsibility for transporting their child.

    Parents should seriously consider open enrollment requests to elementary schools where students matriculate into their resident middle school since there is no open enrollment at the secondary level.

    Open Enrollment Application