Elementary School Summer Central Registration

  • Registration will take place at the following locations on the dates listed below for parents planning to register Elementary Students (Grades K-5) to attend for the upcoming school year.

  • HOURS:     9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

    REQUIRED DOCUMENTS:                 

    Two Proofs of Residency

    • Proof of Birth Date
    • Updated Immunization Information
    • Last Report Card (if applicable)
    • Address and Phone Number of Emergency Contact Person

    For Directions to the schools please call Northeast Middle School at 610-868-8581, Donegan Elementary School at 610-866-0031, Marvine Elementary School at 610-865-0012, or Fountain Hill Elementary School at (610) 865-5881.

    For questions please contact Child Accounting at 610-861-0500, EXT 60273, 60274 or 60279 or email BASDChildAccounting@basdschools.org