Related Arts

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    The Bethlehem Area School District Related Arts empower all learners to reach their creative potential, learn through engagement and appreciation of the arts, and value the role of the arts in fostering a vibrant and diverse community of learners. 

    In BASD, the Related Arts include: 

    • The Visual Arts
    • Music 
    • Performing Arts
    • Industrial and Practical Arts 
    • Health and Physical Education 
    • Family and Consumer Science 
    • World Languages K-5 (cross listed with humanities)
    • Digital Literacy K-5

    Students experience the Related Arts at each level, K-12. BASD Related Arts are organized and delivered across all levels. 

    • Elementary School - daily rotation across a 5 day week 
    • Middle School - 30-45 day rotations, every other day rotations for Health & Physical Education and World Languages
    • High School - select from a robust menu of electives within the BASD High School Program of Studies

    In addition to primary Related Arts disciplines, BASD believes in arts integration across the curriculum. BASD students have many opportunities for authentic  engagement in the related arts through afterschool and co-curricular programming, curricular experiences at community arts venues, community service, and internships. 

    The BASD K-12 Related Arts program helps students develop a life-long appreciation of the arts, both as producers and consumers, and contribute to a vibrant Bethlehem arts community.  

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