• What is Feed Your Potential 365?

    A national campaign empowering millions to discover, choose and share the healthy foods that help them reach their potential.

    More than ever before, relationships with food are anchored by the knowledge that what you eat directly impacts the energy and focus you need to achieve, succeed and thrive.

    Today, the motivation to live a healthier life goes far beyond clinical health:

    • for college students, who are stretching boundaries and learning that eating habits fuel short-term goals and longer-term wellbeing
    • in the workplace, as employees juggle the many demands of their work and personal lives
    • for moms and dads and caregivers trying to be role models and help their kids learn and grow up healthy
    • and for doctors, nurses and support staff throughout the healthcare system who are stretched to the limits

    Feed Your Potential 365 is all about helping to power your healthy food discovery journey—enabling each of us to discover what healthy food, and other healthy lifestyle choices, can do to help everyone live their best life.

    Check it out today and start feeding your potential to a healthy lifestyle!